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Q10 plus Vit. E (Coenzym)


Q10 plus vitamin E - the coenzyme in micellated, water-soluble form. 30ml for 30 servings buy directly from the manufacturer.

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Description Q10 plus

Our Q10 is an important supplement for all people at the latest from the age of 35.The coenzyme is needed in the body for a variety of processes and is therefore an absolute all-round solution. The coenzyme is needed in the body for a variety of processes and is therefore an absolute all-round solution.

This Q10 scores not only through the combination with vitamin E, which further enhances the specific properties of Q10, but especially through the unique and patented technology, which makes the fatty substance water-soluble and thus faster and better absorbable.

  • The valuable coenzyme Q10 combined with vitamin E for better, synergistic effect
  • Unique, patented technology ensures water solubility and thus to a higher and better bioavailability and absorption of coenzyme Q10
  • Q10 from fermentation of plant raw materials - especially pure. Manufactured according to GMP standard in Germany (quality and purity standard for medical products)
  • Ideal as a addition to our Optimal Set
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Usage info and tips about the product

Drop 18 drops of coenzyme Q10 into a cold drink and drink this ideally in the morning. Depending on your physical condition and desired effect, you can also adjust the amount.

Additional special tips:

  • If you use other products from us, like our basic supply, you can add it in the morning directly into your PowerCocktail
  • Q10 should be part of every basic supply for everyone over the age of 35! Especially older people benefit from the fountain of youth!
  • You should store your bottle refrigerated. Until shipping, the product is also stored refrigerated
  • Do you also want Q10 for your skin as an anti-aging remedy from the outside? Our cosmetics line offers you various products with our exclusive Q10 also for direct application to your skin - with equally high absorption capacity for super results! The absolute bestseller is our special product for skin regeneration with Q10
  • For optimal and holistic results, please plan to use daily, regularly and for at least 6 months, even if you will experience results much sooner. Regeneration takes time, and as time passes, medium and long term results emerge alongside the short term, so don't miss out
  • You as our customer will receive further intake recommendations and special info after your order automatically by mail

Highest safety and quality

All products are characterized by high grade quality in German manufacturing, in-depth scientific research and development, and numerous patents. This gives rise to the special results and experiences that are generated by these unique products:

Key facts at a glance

  • Made in Germany according to highest quality standard GMP (quality standard for medical devices)
  • Development and permanent advancement by scientists, doctors, nutrition/cosmetics experts in cooperation with international research institutes
  • More than 70 patents on the product line, formulations and technologies
  • Unique results thanks to the patented Nutrient Transport Concept: It delivers the nutrients exactly when they are needed and where they are needed – to the cellular level, from inside and out
  • Independent controls by external institutes such as ELAB Analytics and "Cologne List®" for doping absence
  • Used e.g. in professional sports and by numerous sports federations worldwide with top references

More info on the topic of quality and common questions and answers about the products. More info on manufacturer and awards

Information about the ingredients

You can access the full product label with ingredient list and nutrient table at FitLine Q10 in store.

  • Without artificial flavors and artificial colors
  • Without preservatives
  • Gluten free
  • Lactose-free
  • Vegan

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What is Q10?

Q10 has been known and popular on the market for decades. Not only in dietary supplements, but also in cosmetics as the all-around talent for anti-aging.

Q10 is a so-called coenzyme (ubiquinone) that plays a significant role in your body. It is a fat-soluble substance that has a similarity with vitamin K and vitamin E, and it can be generated in your body. However, to generate it requires the presence of some nutrients, such as various B vitamins, iron and some more.

Q10 is considered the most powerful biological antioxidant, that is, an essential building block for scavenging free radicals, which are blamed for our aging processes. It is thus an extremely important support in anti-aging, which is why the substance is so popular in the cosmetics industry.

However, to think only that the skin absorbs Q10 through the surface is quite short-sighted thought. For one thing, anti-aging starts primarily from the inside, and for another, Q10 has many other enormously important properties and functions, which is why you also need the coenzyme internally.

Q10 is needed in every single cell in your body for energy production, without the coenzyme there is no energy production in the mitochondria. This also explains why cells with particularly large numbers of mitochondria logically have the highest amounts of Q10, but at the same time also the greatest losses with age (e.g. heart muscle).

Q10 has many other functions in the body or influence on the nerves or the immune system, or indirectly influence by just lacking or well-functioning energy production.

With increasing stress or other oxidative stress, such as sports, also increases the consumption of Q10 in the body, or your need. The problem with Q10 is only that the production in the body already very early decreases.

Why buy as a dietary supplement?

The Q10 production and concentration in the body decreases according to the results of scientific research already from the 20th year of life. Why, is not yet clarified in science. We can imagine that this is also (only) a civilization phenomenon, which is connected with our life-style and our denatured food. In addition, our body may also consume larger amounts of Q10 as a radical scavenger when we get older, so that simply more is needed and consumed than the synthesis gives.

The loss of the Q10 concentrations in the various cells / organs in the body is very different. Thus, the loss is highest in the heart and lowest in the liver. In an 80-year-old, studies showed a drop in Q10 levels to about 43% in the heart, and in the liver to about 62%.

We thus have a double problem as we age: we have less of the coenzyme, but our need is increased for anti-aging and regeneration.

Q10 can be supplied through the diet, but this is very challenging to achieve high levels with it. Kale, for example, is said to provide appreciable levels, but you would need 3kg of it per day to keep your body well supplied with Q10.

For these reasons, and the essential importance of the coenzyme in our body, the supply of good Q10 via supplementation is actually a real fountain of youth, and its importance cannot be overestimated. After its discovery, it was considered the "miracle cure" for solving numerous problems in the body. This, of course, is not the case. But it is an important building block for keeping many essential processes in your body on track.

Thousands of Q10 products exist on the market. The differences are just as great. Our FitLine Q10 is derived from a pure source through plant fermentation, not chemically synthesized, and made water-soluble and more bioavailable with a patented technology. Thus, we have a faster and higher Q10 absorption in cells confirmed in studies (and empirical data). For optimal results, our FitLine Q10 is supplemented with vitamin E. These two substances complement each other synergistically for optimal benefits in the body.

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