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The products from Germany, with which we have been working as independent partners of PM International / FitLine Products since 2001 and distribute worldwide, score with outstanding quality and safety in many respects.

We know of no other manufacturer in the industry that can boast this combination of quality standards, awards, exclusive research and development, independent testing, cooperation with institutes, and with comparable results of products.

Products that bring a quick and noticeable positive change in your body must be safe. This is important not only for competitive athletes, but for each of us.

The mere fact that the products have been used by thousands of people worldwide for over 28 years, including several thousand professional athletes, by doctors, clinics, fitness trainers, etc. should give you the necessary sense of security and trustworthiness. Approvals in over 40 countries worldwide, umpteen company awards for innovation and more, and over 70 patents on the product line, technologies and formulas add up and speak for themselves.

Now the only question is when you do your test, and try the products for your own quality of life.

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Quality And Safety Facts

  • Products Made in Germany according to the highest quality and purity standard GMP This is the production standard for medical products, which is not necessary for the food sector and is therefore almost never used in this industry
  • Developed and constantly refined by several 100 scientists, physicians, nutrition, cosmetics experts and food chemists in cooperation with international research institutes such as the Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST)
  • Continuous development of products based on the latest research and improvements in formulations
  • More than 70 patents on the products, formulations and technologies
  • Experience unparalleled results due to the patented Nutrient Transport Concept. It delivers the nutrients exactly when they are needed and where they are needed – to the cellular level, from inside and out
  • Independent and extensive testing by external institutes such as ELAB Analytics:
    The analyses of selected quality parameters carried out regularly and independently by ELAB Analytics complement the company's own product controls and help to improve product quality even further. All sampling is done as random sampling, directly from the central warehouse. This ensures the integrity of the test samples and the independence of the testing at all times. The laboratory testing checks important quality and value-determining properties of the products, such as vitamins, minerals and other nutrient contents. Selected products receive an Internet link (QR code) on the product label that leads to detailed information about the test plan (test parameters and test frequencies) on the ELAB Analytics website. There, it is transparently evident which products have been tested and what the results are.
  • The company voluntarily has all products regularly tested for doping-relevant substances:
    So the products on the "Cologne List®" for absence of doping stand for a safe use of FitLine sport products. This list includes products that have been tested for such doping substances. Testing is performed by a world-leading laboratory in the field of nutrient analysis
  • All products are free of artificial sweeteners, artificial flavors, and free of preservatives and other harmful substances
  • High quality, pure and natural ingredients, and formulations according to the needs and absorption capacity of the human body, and taking into account synergistic effects for the best results
  • The products are therefore also highly safe for sports: they are used worldwide by sports federations and professional athletes, such as the German and Austrian Ski Federation, the Federation of German Cyclists, the German National Ice Hockey Team and many others
  • You have a 30-day satisfaction guarantee, so you can try the products risk-free

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