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Omega 3 vegan (DHA)


Original Omega 3 vegan is the perfect solution - not only for vegans and vegetarians - to properly supply themselves with high-quality, vegan omega-3 fatty acids daily. Real DHA and EPA from pure, toxin-free microalgae. Content for 30 servings /30 days.

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Description Omega 3 vegan

Finally a vegan and pure Omega 3 product, combined with a patented technology for increased, better and faster absorption in your body!

The essential omega-3 fatty acids (DHA and EPA) we should consume in sufficient quantities through our diet. They are absolutely essential for the body, for the proper functioning of numerous metabolic processes, and they contribute, for example, to normal brain and heart function.

The DGE (German Nutrition Society) has long recommended an additional supply for everyone with dietary supplements, because most people take far too little of this fatty acid. In the vegan or vegetarian diet, this is particularly challenging, because the real fatty acids are only found in animal products and algae.

  • Vegan omega-3 fatty acids dietary supplement: 100% fish-free
  • The pure DHA and EPA fatty acids, which are otherwise found only in animal foods, are obtained from microalgae, which are cultivated in our own cultivation:
  • Therefore free from marine pollutants such as heavy metals. Produced according to the highest purity and quality standard GMP (standard for medical devices)
  • With great orange flavor, no fish taste
  • Unique, patented technology ensures water solubility and thus to a higher and better bioavailability and absorption of the fatty acid
  • From now on, avoid fish oil products that are unsustainable, organic and often contaminated!
  • Ideal as a supplement to our Basics Supply
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Usage info and tips about the product

This omega-3 product is a liquid that you add to a glass of water or other beverage according to the amount instructions on the bottle.

Additional special tips:

  • If you use other products from us, like our Basic Supply, you can add it to your PowerCocktail in the morning, for example
  • Better yet, though, is to take omega-3 in the evening so your body can work with it overnight
  • Omega-3 should be part of every basic supply every day for everyone!
  • Omega-3 can and should be given to your children as well. This fish-free flavor will make that a simple task
  • You should keep your bottle refrigerated. The product will also be kept refrigerated until shipped
  • Omega-3 fatty acids should be used during pregnancy
  • You as our customer will receive further intake recommendations and special info after your order automatically by mail

Highest safety and quality

All products are characterized by high grade quality in German manufacturing, in-depth scientific research and development, and numerous patents. This gives rise to the special results and experiences that are generated by these unique products:

Key facts at a glance

  • Made in Germany according to highest quality standard GMP (quality standard for medical devices)
  • Development and permanent advancement by scientists, doctors, nutrition/cosmetics experts in cooperation with international research institutes
  • More than 70 patents on the product line, formulations and technologies
  • Unique results thanks to the patented Nutrient Transport Concept: It delivers the nutrients exactly when they are needed and where they are needed – to the cellular level, from inside and out
  • Independent controls by external institutes such as ELAB Analytics and "Cologne List®" for doping absence
  • Used e.g. in professional sports and by numerous sports federations worldwide with top references

More info on the topic of quality and common questions and answers about the products. More info on manufacturer and awards

Information about the ingredients

You can access the full product label with ingredient list and nutritional table at Omega-3 in the online shop.

  • Without artificial flavors and artificial colors
  • Without preservatives
  • Gluten free
  • Lactose-free
  • Vegan

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Daily Fatty Acids In The Right Amount

Our body consists to a considerable part of fats. For example, every cell has a fat membrane, and our brain is largely made up of nothing but fats (including omega-3 fatty acids). Our nerves and many metabolic processes also depend on fatty acids. But just from the right ones!

Surely you know that not all fat is the same. The classification of fatty acids and their meanings in the body are quite extensive. For this you can study for a very long time. You should know at this point that there are so-called essential fatty acids, which are those that the body needs vital. There are again different ones. In this context, we often talk about omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. Each oil or fat has its own composition of different fatty acids. Significantly is thereby that the body needs different fatty acids (thus you should not supply yourselves one-sidedly with constantly only one oil sort), but that these should prevail for a good health in a good proportion.

It is known that in our society exactly these important and valuable omega-3 fatty acids are eaten far too little, and omega-6 and other rather unhealthy fatty acids too much. Therefore, the DGE (German Society for Nutrition) has long recommended an additional supply of food supplements. Because the positive influences on various body structures such as the heart and nerves have long been scientifically known.

Where Do We Get Omega-3 Fatty Acids?

Why do most people now consume too few omega-3 fatty acids? Omega-3 fatty acids and the plant precursor ALA are the most unstable fatty acids, i.e. they quickly break down in food, when in contact with oxygen, during a lot of motion, and when heated. They become rancid and thus even toxic to the body (free radicals). Moreover, they are found in appreciable amounts in only a few foods.

Good sources of DHA and EPA are some varieties of fish and marine animals. But other animal products, such as milk, also contain some. Otherwise, you will find only the plant precursor (ALA) in nuts and seeds, etc., is known for it, for example, flaxseed, walnuts or chia seeds. However, the fatty acids contained there are not the real omega-3, which we need in the body, but a pre-stage. This can be converted in the body to DHA and EPA, but this occurs only to a very small percentage.

Another source of real DHA and EPA are microalgae for this purpose. They are therefore considered the most ecological source of the valuable fatty acid.

For these reasons, the vast majority of people consume far too little DHA/EPA. Also note the factor that fatty acids become rancid when heated or stored for long periods of time, etc. So don't let the advertising tell you that your margarine, UHT milk or fried fish are rich of omega-3s. If you want to take that up with these foods, you would have to consume them raw and fresh!

Which Omega 3 Supplement?

With a little logical mind, you can see that you are probably not taking enough omega-3. You can look up the official recommendations on the Internet.

So it's a fundamentally important thing for everyone to make sure they're getting an extra supply of good omega-3 fatty acids at any age. By the way, this actually applies to any age! It is known that pregnant women should pay attention to the supply, because the fatty acids are part of the brain and therefore important for the development of the child. So this is also significant later for kids.

There are supplements with Omega 3 in extremely large selection on the market. We have never thought much of capsules made from fish oil or krill. The fatty acids are too instable (where are they stored refrigerated, and how long do they spend in this capsule?), and fish in general, possibly in addition from poisoned seas is also not the best idea. Especially since fat in particular stores pollutants.

This variant is also not suitable for vegetarian or vegan living people, but who specifically have an increased need!

Vegan Omega 3 Fatty Acids

There are now also good oils that are freshly pressed with DHA/EPA from algae added, and which should then also be consumed promptly. However, the new development that we present to you here in the Fitmio Shop surpasses this.The FitLine Omega-3 vegan was introduced in 2019 after several years of research and development. It provides a daily supply of DHA/EPA from a vegan source and with the best absorption capacity for everyone.

It is extracted from a specially grown and cultivated algae, which is raised completely free of pollutants. The omega-3 extracted from it is enhanced with proprietary, patented technology so that it combines with water while still in your glass. This gives you a more complete, better and faster absorption of the fatty acids in your cells because your digestive organs don't have to break them down first with enzymes, etc. Because this also depends on the state of your organs and body.

The fatty acids are of course protected from oxidation (going rancid), kept refrigerated until shipped, and you should keep the bottle refrigerated as well. The oil is drinkable in a glass of water or other liquid, and also tastes great with a natural orange flavor.

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