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Weight Loss Program & Starter Package Independent distributor of PM International AG / FitLine

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We offer with our products and in combination with a good diet a successful and popular program for weight loss. Our Fitmio starter package for weight loss includes the basic products used in our program. We present you here the most important info and the products.

In addition, you have the option to contact us at any time, we offer you a free consultation on losing weight and on our program. We can explain to you so briefly how the program works, what is best for you, and we can also take your order for your starter package - at the most favorable conditions possible for you!

FitLine weight loss slimming - your program and starter package

What can you expect in this program?

  • Free advice and guidance also during your program (on request and as needed)
  • A complete guide to the implementation
  • Including the exact use of the additional products
  • Simple recipes and tips for the diet
  • Great fitness exercises as videos for at home
  • Extra tips from our years of experience as weight loss and nutrition coaches

The basis is that you eat a good meal 3 to 4 times a day, low in carbohydrates at the beginning, and shakes if you wish.
There are some factors that can prevent or make it difficult to lose weight successfully - such as skipping meals or not eating enough, or even losing muscle. These factors are all taken into account in this program, as well as all the essential basics to help you lose weight well:

  • Regular and quality food that you can maintain long-term
  • No cravings - no unhealthy diets!
  • Preservation and support of muscles through amino acids (proteins (amino acids) contribute to the preservation of muscle mass).

Products Starter Package

The following products, which are marked with "required", you need in any case, if you want to perform our program. You can order them here directly from the original manufacturer store, please just add them to the shopping cart separately in the store. It is possible to get discount via autoship function.

FitLine Optimal-Set

This set provides you with all the essential nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, lactic acid bacteria and much more. Most popular base for every day.

FitLine Restorate minerals

In the context of losing weight you need an increased supply of minerals for deacidification, so use this drink in addition.

FitLine Proshape Amino acids
Amino Acids

Essential amino acids are important for muscles, tissues, metabolism, and water excretion.

FitLine ProShape All in 1 Shake
Shape - Shake
$46.00*/13 servings

This shake in different flavors is possible - as its own weight loss program, or in addition for simple meals.

money back guarantee buy FitLine Original from the manufacturer Made in germany

*Prices for USA, plus taxes and shipping charges. Good prices are possible via autoship. For another country just choose your country in the store. If you need help, write us!

Successfully lose weight - how does it work?

Lose weight is one of the most common desires and goals of people in our society. Why the problem of overweight or difficult to lose weight is so present, is obvious. Very few people eat the way the body would need: they eat too many "empty" carbohydrates, too much cereals, fast food, convenience foods and sweets, so that the body suffers from a nutrient deficit for years. This leads not only to the fact that adipose pads accumulate, but also that the metabolic processes become slower and slower, and more and more exhaustion, disinclination to exercise, etc. arises. At the same time, there are too few fresh vegetables on the table, there is too much stress and too little exercise.

There are some other factors that lead to obesity, or to the fact that many have such a hard time losing weight. These are, for example, disturbed intestinal flora, over-acidified tissues, which almost everyone has, and not infrequently the fault of irregular meals or even eating too little.

Nutrient deficiency at the cellular level

For those where nothing at all goes down in kg, many factors often coincide, and usually the knowledge of these numerous influencing factors is missing. In the emergency then less and less is eaten, often with simultaneous sport, and nevertheless the weight does not go down. This has to do with the fact that we must not give the body little food, but the right, and many micronutrients in large quantities! Because that's what our metabolism, and numerous processes in the body, needs to function!

So the vast majority do exactly the wrong thing when trying to finally get slim. The secret is simple: the right food in sufficient and satiating quantities, and ideally a few extra micronutrients such as vitamins and minerals to make up for years of deficiencies, and thus get the metabolism back on track properly.

Anyone on such a diet can't help but be slim, unless there are serious hormonal imbalances.

What other factors are there?

For weight loss to proceed swiftly, we integrate other factors that present problems in many people, and that complicate or prevent weight loss.

So the tissue is overacidified with almost all humans. This creates deposits that are not eliminated by fat loss. For this we need minerals in larger quantities. Also alkaline baths for deacidification from the outside are useful for this and bring super results. Thus, in our weight loss program a mineral supply 2x per day is used, and it must be drunk sufficiently, because without water nothing runs in the body.

Our mineral drink also ensures that overnight rest is better, and this is essential for weight loss, because during sleep hormones are adjusted, which are crucial for weight loss and feelings of satiety. Stress hormones are also harmful, by the way. So you should relax and sleep enough, with enough exercise and proper nutrition at the same time.

Other products in our program take into account the intestine and muscle. It is now scientifically recognized that the intestinal flora has an influence on weight. Since the fewest have a good intestinal condition without tutoring, the intestine is also cleaned with us and the intestinal flora is improved.

We consider our amino acids to be a very good support: they ensure that water retention is eliminated from the tissues more quickly, and the tissues also tighten better, which is not insignificant, especially for the severely overweight. In addition, they ensure that your musculature remains as good as possible. If you start to lose weight, there is a danger: Your body will first break down muscle and not fat if we do not counteract this. This is not only bad for your figure, but is a downward spiral for your weight loss. So whenever you want to lose weight, you have to make sure that you move your muscles and supply them with quickly available amino acids. That way, you'll prevent your body from breaking down muscle and actually going after the fat tissue.

We are happy to give you more tips or advise you competently. Just write us via our contact form.

I want to lose weight only with shakes - is that possible?

In our product line, you'll find fantastic meal replacement shakes.They feature a unique recipe for holistic effects and a delicious taste. So not only do they provide you with a full meal, but they also support your metabolism and sense of satiety, for example, while keeping you fit and productive.

Using a shake to lose weight is meant to completely replace one or two meals a day. This makes it easier for you to lose weight because you don't have to worry about your meals, especially if your daily life is stressful. Plus, a delicious chocolate shake is a great way to satisfy your appetite for unhealthy sweets.

Yes, you can lose weight well just by using our shake instead of other meals, but we recommend this only as a temporary solution. In the long run, it is better to take care of your diet as well, and move more at the same time, then you will have much better results. You also need to keep the following in mind about this:

We want you to get out of your perpetual weight loss problem. For this, it is necessary that you change your lifestyle and diet, because without that you can't stay slim in the long run. If you lose weight with the shake and don't change anything else, you will gain weight again when you stop using the shake. You probably won't want to live on the shake for the rest of your life. :-)

There are simply factors that will get your body back on track better overall, which a shake alone can't do. For this reason, we work as a partner of PM International AG / FitLine gladly - in your interest - with our holistic program, which also takes into account much more. You will learn how to organize your life and your diet in such a way that you can maintain your new weight. And if you also like to use a shake to make your everyday life easier, this is a great combination!

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