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FitLine Kids Products - Supplement Nutrients

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Kids products are especially close to our hearts. Here we present our top 2 products that you can give your child, so that they get an ideal supplement of nutrients for every day. Children are often very picky about their food choices and like to prefer a certain flavor (like sweets) instead of a high nutrient level (like vegetables).

Which parents do not know that their children do not eat vegetables, but mainly crave pasta, pizza and sweets!

Children are growing and developing and therefore need a particularly large amount of nutrients, which are often more difficult to cover with such preferences of children.

We provide you with our product line an all-round solution for this problem, because already with one delicious drink per day you can give your child all the important vitamins, minerals and many many good plant substances.

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The products listed below represent our most important recommendation.

  • The PowerCocktail Junior is the basic supply that every child should absolutely get every day. It contains the basic supply of numerous vitamins, minerals, very many plant substances and prebiotics, and is specifically designed to satisfy the needs of children.
  • Absolutely recommended for children are Omega-3 fatty acids. They can already be used by the mother during pregnancy. The vegan version with delicious orange flavour is also perfect for children.

Recommended Products For Kids

FitLine PowerCocktail Junior for kids
PowerCocktail Junior

Perfect and delicious basic mixture with vitamins, minerals and many plant substances especially for the daily supply for children.
Details PowerCocktail Junior

FitLine Omega 3 vegan
Omega 3 vegan

Omega-3 fatty acids with delicious orange flavor, vegan from pure algae. Extremely important for childs.
Details Omega-3

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What do children need?

When you get right down to it, the proper care of a child begins during pregnancy. For this reason, many expectant mothers use our basic product line and omega-3 fatty acids. During this time, the child receives the nutrients directly from the mother's blood. Later, it receives them through the mother's milk.

When the child gets older, many mothers then worry about how they can ensure a balanced and nutritious diet with lots of vitamins and minerals. This is because, in general, children like to eat ready-made products, fast food, lots of sweets, lots of processed flour and products made from it. However, very few are accustomed to high-quality food with lots of fresh vegetables from an early age, or simply do not want to eat them.

Thus, many parents wonder whether the child will have an adequate supply of vitamins, minerals and plant substances through cereals, pizza, pasta and sweets!

If you want to make it easier to provide your children with an abundance of micronutrients on a daily basis, it can make sense to use high-quality and innovative nutritional supplements. For children, the best way to do this is through nutrient drinks.

From around the age of 12, your FitLine kids can also use our basic nutrient products for adults.

Which products for which children?

Our FitLine kids products offer you a simple solution for a basic supply of your kid. During pregnancy and breastfeeding, the child is supplied through you as a mother, you should use the Optimal Set and at least the FitLine Omega 3 fatty acids during this time, ideally also our amino acids.

Our children's products are then legally allowed as a dietary supplement from the age of 4. You should then give your child our Cocktail for Kids. It tastes good and is formulated to provide exactly what the child needs. Since it can be mixed in anywhere, such as in juices or in a yogurt, you should have no problem getting your child to take it somehow. :-)

We also recommend giving your child the vegan Omega-3 fatty acids. They are water-soluble and also have a good orange flavour. We'd be happy to send you more info on omega 3 in childhood, just ask us!

Around the age of 12, the child can then also be supplied with the basic products for adults. If your child does a lot of sport at an advanced age, we recommend amino acids in addition.

If you have questions, for example, for a special situation of your kid, just contact us as a partnerof PM International AG / FitLine. You can use the following form to do so.

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Products are Made in Germany. Pure, pollutant-free, high-quality ingredients, free from artificial sweeteners and flavors, free from preservatives. Natural, ecological and innovative sources of raw materials.

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Development by scientists, doctors, nutrition/cosmetics experts, constant research, cooperation with inter­national research institutes, more than 70 patents distinguish the products as highly innovative and unique.

Highest safety

Independent controls, production according to GMP standard & proven doping-free (all products are listed on Kölner Liste®). These factors mean extraordinary safety, even in professional sports.

Nutrient Transport Concept

Experience best results. The innovative, patented Nutrient Transport Concept delivers nutrients when they are needed, where they are needed - to the cellular level from inside and outside.

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Family company with worldwide distribution, more than 800 million products sold in over 30 years. Several million users in over 45 countries, including thousands of top athletes.

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