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Fitmio Distributors - About Us Independent sales partners of PM International AG / FitLine

FitLine products

We as Fitmio distributors support you with a lot of competence and experience to achieve or restore your desired weight, vitality, maximum energy and optimal well-being!

We are characterized by many years of experience in various areas such as regarding vital substances, fitness, weight loss, nutrition and anti-aging. We have been working with our product line since 2001.

Our passion and enthusiasm is to inspire, motivate, and guide you to know these wonderful products. And to live a new lifestyle with pure energy and vitality!

FitLine Consultant Distributor PM International

With us, you've found a long-standing, professional team with a lot of experience in a wide variety of fields. Contacting us, having us as your consultants, or working with us, will bring you the following benefits:

Consulting & cooperation: what distinguishes us

Consulting and support

Free consultations on the subject of weight loss, vitality, sports and much more. Also free accompaniment during your weight loss program for you as our customer.
We always take a lot of time for you and your concerns and find out exactly what is right for you

Experience and knowledge since 2001

Long experience in nutrition, weight loss, sports - and vital coaching for over 20 years. Competence and experience with our nutrient product line as independent distributors of PM International AG / FitLine, and in the field of vital substances, fitness, sports and prevention since 2001.
You get from us all the important information and insider knowledge about the products and the optimal application from about 20 years of experience

Support & cooperation

We work professionally worldwide as one of the most successful teams in the company. If you would like to work with this product line as well, we will support you as a strong partner - with coaching, professional induction, our own training materials and much more

Our manufacturer distributes the products via the marketing channel Network Marketing. The tasks of me and my team as independent distributors of PM International AG / FitLine are to present the products, recommend them, market them, and advise and support you as a user. In addition, we can offer cooperation as partners to people who want to go their own way of independence with our product line, and work with them, train them and support them.

Expertise as a consultant for more than 20 years

As the owner of this online presence, I have been coaching and counseling people in the areas of vital nutrition, anti-aging, successful weight loss, sports and fitness, personal development, and more for over 20 years

7 years of which I ran my own successful fitness and wellness center, offering and integrating innovative concepts related to fat loss, nutrition, and desired figure.

In 2001, this path led me to our product line, and I became a partner of the company (independent distributor of PM International AG) out of enthusiasm for the products and the business opportunity, and have since been distributing these great products around the world with my global team.

Through my activities and especially through my enthusiasm for healthy nutrition, a healthy lifestyle, for anti-aging, fitness and sports, I know a very wide range of nutritional supplement products on the market. From this experience I know what is really good, which products and which vital substances really bring results in the body, what is innovative and useful, and what is not. In doing so, I have seen the results in thousands of people over the years, which always confirms and further strengthens my enthusiasm and conviction about the product line.

I'm happy to share my personal experience and recommendations with you.

So you've come to the right place if you're looking for competent contacts and official product line representatives, and/or expert advisors and excellent support for your questions, concerns and needs.

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