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We have compiled a collection of the most frequently asked questions and answers about the products, criticism that is often voiced out of not understanding, and so on. If you have further questions, which are not answered here, write us simply directly using the form at the end of the website! We from the Fitmio team (partner of PM International AG / FitLine Products) will get back to you quickly.

FitLine Products Criticism - glass of Fitline drink

1. Why are the products special? What is the nutrient transport concept?

Our nutritional supplements and cosmetics that we offer are different from other products on the market because of the exclusive nutrient transport concept. This is the umbrella term for various technologies and formulas. The concept delivers the nutrients exactly when they are needed and where they are needed – to the cellular level, from inside and out. This concept and the formulas are patented and are therefore not given to the public.

This special manufacturing process builds, among many aspects, on synergistic effects of the ingredients and also improves, among other things, the water solubility of value-giving ingredients, such as also coenzyme Q10 and omega-3 fatty acids.

This concept is also applied in our cosmetics products.

2. Aren't the preparations much more expensive than other nutritional supplements?

Special quality and benefits, as well as years of research, elaborate certifications, controls, etc., must have a reasonable price and be financed. These unique products have numerous patents and unique selling points and are therefore without competition. We know of many products on the market that have a similar price, but cannot compete in the least with the results. Therefore, our prices are comparatively very attractive.

Our optimal-supply, for example, will only cost you about $4 per day. Think about what you spend on other foods, such as a coffee at a restaurant. You'll quickly realize that this nutritional supply, which has the potential to change your life, is extremely cheap in proportion.

3. Can I trust the products, and why?

The products have the highest level of scientificity, safety, and years of experience worldwide to go with it, unlike any other product line on the market.

You should simply try our products 6 months correctly to experience for yourself what the products bring to you.

In the following, we will tell you a few factors that will show you why you can trust with great confidence in the quality and your benefits:

  • Developed over more than 28 years, and continuously refined by hundreds of scientists: medical doctors, pharmacists, nutrition experts, cosmeticians, biochemists and food chemists
  • Collaborations with international institutes such as the Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST)
  • The uniqueness and distinctiveness is also evident by over 70 patents on the product line
  • Of course, free of preservatives, artificial flavors and colors
  • Pure and contaminant-free: produced according to the GMP safety and purity standard, which is only required for medical devices
  • The patented nutrient transport concept delivers the nutrients exactly when they are needed and where they are needed – to the cellular level, from inside and out
  • Additional independent and elaborate testing such as by ELAB Analytics, with code to results on each package
  • The products are on the Cologne List for absence of doping - therefore also high safety for sports: worldwide sports federations and professional athletes use the products, such as the German and Austrian Ski Federation, the Federation of German Cyclists, the German national ice hockey team and many more
  • Made in Germany, many awards for the products and of the company

There is also a detailed article on quality of products.

4. How long do I have to use this, and how quickly do results occur?

Our supplements are noticeable much faster than other products on the market, yet this is not chemical medicine. Your body needs time to regenerate, many body cells take several months to renew themselves, and deficiencies are only made up bit by bit.

Therefore, you should take or use as directed daily for at least 6 months. Many physical structures and processes also need much more time. After all, your problems did not arise overnight either.

Many products are designed and intended to be taken continuously, to give your body everything it needs on a daily basis, and what it no longer gets through food from the supermarket. If you find that using them does you good, then logically you should use the supplements for yourself long term. What you give your body every day, however, is your decision alone. The products do not create dependencies, but simply replenish your cells, and rebalance various processes in the body.

A short-term (only a few weeks) and patchy use makes no sense. It doesn't do your wallet or your body any benefit.

5. There anything that needs to be considered when using it?

Yes, there are many products that require absolutely proper use and preparation in order for you to have the best results. You as a customer of Fitmio will get all the exact info, the instructions on how to take it, tips and advice on the possible combinations, etc. We will send this to you automatically by email after an order.

The optimal use also depends on a situation or your purposes, for example, if you do sports or want to lose weight, there are different recommendations.

6. Can I lose weight with it and will I be supported in doing so?

Some of our products are weight loss support, or there are also our shakes designed as meal replacements. Why do the products help you lose weight? Metabolism depends largely on the intake and presence of many minerals and vitamins, but also on the state of the intestines and tissues (deposits and acidosis). So you can do a fantastic program with the products, for this we have a guide, free weight loss advice, and we continue to accompany you as weight loss experts for free during your program. You can find a little more info right in the Lose Weight


7. Some powders are packaged in individual serving pouches, why?

The sachets are not more harmful to the environment than cans, especially because the manufacturer is currently developing and converting to the world's first completely ecological sachets - for this purpose. This type of packaging is important to ensure you the best preservation of quality. Surely you want your high quality preparations not to deteriorate in quality due to a daily contact with air and moisture, if you were to open and close a can every day. Tightly closed is sure that all substances, vitamins, enzymes, etc. will not be destroyed before your use.

7. Where does the omega 3 and Q10 come from?

You can currently choose between 2 different Omega-3 sources in our products: a self-cultivated and therefore pollutant-free fish oil, and a vegan variant from algae. Here, a specially cultivated algae is also used to extract omega 3 (DHA) from it and to be able to process it further with fermentation processes. This highly pure and genuine DHA from algae has taken several years of development. The liquid tastes good with a natural orange flavor and dissolves completely in water.

The Q10 in our products is derived from plant raw materials as a result of fermentation processes. These processes ensure high purity and quality, unlike chemical extraction methods that are also commonly used elsewhere.

The production of both substances includes a patented exclusive technology for the preparation, which serves the water solubility and thus a higher bioavailability and faster absorption of the fatty substances in your body.

8. Are the products vegan, lactose,- fructose and - gluten free?

If you have intolerances, please write to us before you order, and let us advise you what to use. Many products are completely vegan, free of fructose, gluten or lactose. We can also send you an overview of these products.

9. What form of citric acid is included?

Some products contain citric acid. It is obtained from fermentation processes from vegetable raw materials. No chemical and unecological production of citric acid is used, which is variously common in the market.

10. Some products contain sugar/fructose, why? Frequent incorrect criticism

Many users wonder why sugar/fructose is included in make products. This is not for sweetness, and is only used in certain circumstances. For example, in some products it has the benefit of acting as a carrier for nutrients, such as B vitamins. In other products, a certain amount is required by law, for example, when dietetic foods are used as meal replacements.
The amounts of sugar are extremely small compared to other foods you commonly eat (such as an apple), and compared to the nutrient density (e.g., 1/3 to 1/7 the amount of sugar in an apple). Almost all users misunderstand this. The sweet taste of the products is primarily created by stevia as a natural and harmless vegetable sweetener.
If fructose is listed in the ingredients, it comes partly from the natural ingredients, or is intentionally used in the recipes and for the technology for perfect absorption and bioavailability.For example, it takes an encapsulation of curcumin in fructose, so that this substance is transported through the intestinal wall, or, so that B vitamins are optimally and quickly absorbed.
If you do not want to consume these small amounts of natural sugar, even more so with the extremely high nutrient density of the product, then you may not even eat a banana per day in comparison. I recommend you just try products for yourself. We also have comparison charts on the sugar content of products and the BE, which we will be happy to send you.

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