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Minerals Drink


This original Mineral Drink is a great blend of numerous minerals, trace elements and vitamin D, with delicious citrus flavor. 30 sachets. Cheaper in the Optimal-Set

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Description Minerals Drink

This mineral drink is a mixture of magnesium, calcium, potassium, iron, zinc, selenium, copper, manganese, chromium and vitamin D in the perfect proportion as the human body needs and can absorb these minerals. It is an ideal drink for the evening or even after sports. Because minerals positively support the acid-base balance and promote recovery, regeneration and relaxation.

You should ideally take the Minerals Drink together with the Basics and Energy Drink, or our PowerCocktail as a mixture of these two, for a holistic supply. The products are also available at a better price in the Optimal Set.

  • Perfectly matched minerals and trace elements for optimal and balanced intake
  • Minerals and trace elements are basic building blocks of numerous body structures (bones, teeth), essential for metabolism, and much more
  • Minerals are needed for acid-base balance
  • Rich in zinc: contributes, for example, to normal fertility and normal carbohydrate and fat metabolism
  • Contains vitamin D, which contributes to e.g. normal immune system function
  • The unique technology Nutrient Transport Concept supports optimized nutrient absorption. Read more about the special features of the products and about the quality
  • For holistic nutrition, please combine with the PowerCocktail
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Usage info and tips about the product

This Minerals Drink is ideally stirred into a glass of still water in the evening, stir well so that the drink is bubbled out and then drunk in sips immediately but slowly. Either a sachet, or in the case of the variant can 3 of the supplied measuring spoon. The drink tastes delicious citrus.

Additional special tips:

  • If you want to lose weight, use the drink preferably 2x daily
  • Also use the product after sports to better de-acidify your muscles. It is one of the most popular products among our professional athletes
  • You should not mix this product directly with any other of our products
  • When taking, keep at least 30 minutes away from a meal so that the minerals can be absorbed without hindrance
  • Please use the product ideally in combination with the PowerCocktail so that you supply your body holistically perfect daily. These 2 products are available cheaply in a set, or better yet, in our flexible subscription feature
  • You as our customer will receive further intake recommendations and special info after your order automatically by mail

Highest safety and quality

All products are characterized by high grade quality in German manufacturing, in-depth scientific research and development, and numerous patents. This gives rise to the special results and experiences that are generated by these unique products:

Key facts at a glance

  • Made in Germany according to highest quality standard GMP (quality standard for medical devices)
  • Development and permanent advancement by scientists, doctors, nutrition/cosmetics experts in cooperation with international research institutes
  • More than 70 patents on the product line, formulations and technologies
  • Unique results thanks to the patented Nutrient Transport Concept: It delivers the nutrients exactly when they are needed and where they are needed – to the cellular level, from inside and out
  • Independent controls by external institutes such as ELAB Analytics and "Cologne List®" for doping absence
  • Used e.g. in professional sports and by numerous sports federations worldwide with top references

More info on the topic of quality and common questions and answers about the products. More info on manufacturer and awards

Information about the ingredients

You can access the full product label with ingredient list and nutrient table at FitLine Restorate Minerals Drink in the online shop.

  • Without artificial flavors and artificial colors
  • Without preservatives
  • Gluten free
  • Lactose-free
  • Not vegan

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Minerals and Acidosis

Why is it so crucial that we take in extra minerals and trace elements on a daily basis?

Acidosis is a major problem in our society - surely you've heard of it, or know the term acid-base balance. What is behind it, and what does it have to do with mineral deficiency?

In our body we need a certain balance between acids and bases=minerals. The concentration of acids or bases are determined with the so-called pH value, and about it you can also test, for example, the mineral content of body fluids, such as your saliva or urine. If our body is acidic, i.e. there are too many acids in the body fluids, this has various disadvantages, as our body consists of minerals in many areas, or absolutely needs them, e.g. for metabolism. Too many acids means at the same time too little minerals, and then of course weakening of the mineral-rich body structures.

Acidosis leads to many other difficulties, so for example also deposits/water retention in the tissues, which among other things lead to the fact that people can lose weight badly. That's why the topic of deacidification is always important in our weight loss programs.

Where do the acids and bases come from?

Acids are automatically produced in the body every day through metabolic processes and digestion. In addition, a lot of acid is produced when we have stress or are exposed to electrosmog. Food forms an excess of acid when the food consumed contains few minerals, or even when it contains a lot of protein. We get our mineral supply solely from our food and drink. Since the loss of minerals in vegetables etc. is extremely high, i.e. due to depleted soils and other factors there are simply no minerals left, let alone trace elements, according to science we have an excess of acid in our bodies every day, even if we would eat a perfect diet. For example, people who eat white flour products, lots of cereals, sweets, etc. every day have a very high acid load.

Acidosis cannot be detected on the blood and is therefore medically disputed, but you can check your bodily fluids, such as saliva and urine with pH test strips available at any pharmacy. Our saliva, for example, should be alkaline.

So to maintain a good acid-alkaline balance, additional minerals via good nutritional supplementation are very important. In addition, enough pure water should be drunk, and the tissues can also be deacidified externally by taking baths with alkaline bath salts.

Minerals in the right form and combination

Nutritional supplements with minerals are available on the market in unmanageable quantities and forms. The differences are enormous, and so is the usefulness for the consumer. Minerals are found in food in organic and dissolved forms. When we take a powder, the minerals must be able to dissolve completely so that they can be absorbed into the cells. For this purpose, there are many different compounds that bring different usability in the body. For example, citrates (citric acid compounds) are particularly absorbable for some minerals, lactate compounds for others, etc.

Another factor that is very important is the right combinations of minerals, and the right amounts that our intestines can absorb. For example, if you buy a separate and cheap magnesium supplement at the drugstore, this will do your body little good in the long run, even if it should help you in the short term. Minerals must always be present in the body in certain proportions to each other, or be absorbed. With an isolated intake of magnesium, for example, you will reinforce a magnesium deficiency in the long term, because the right balance with calcium must be present.

So you see, the case is a bit more complex, because our bodies are simply very complex and rely on the interplay of numerous nutrients . An intake and use of one-sided and isolated, cheap supplements you should basically rather leave.

The products, which we offer you at Fitmio, are not only unique with a particularly high absorption and usability in the body, but also distinguish themselves in just this point: They are holistic, complex and highly scientifically sound composed and developed. So you will find in our Mineral Drink (FitLine Restorate) not only the mineral compounds that are characterized by the best absorption, but also just the perfect combination of these minerals and trace elements, as they are needed in the body.

To that end, one serving of this drink provides just the right amounts of these substances as they can be perfectly absorbed in the intestines during this time period of drinking. Your intestines have a certain absorption capacity that should be taken into account. So if you want to absorb more of the minerals, take several servings during the day, but don't take a higher amount all at once!

These factors, plus the patented technology "nutrient transport concept" lead to the fact that our mineral drink surpass other mineral preparations.

You can find even more information about the products at FAQ and FitLine Criticism and also at the section on special quality of products.

We are also happy to share our personal recommendations with you. If you have any specific questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us for a free, no-obligation, personal consultation!

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