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Optimal Set - Basic supply


This set contains economical 3 products - the basic supply, the power drink for energy + concentration, and the mineral drink. The perfect, daily supply with everything you need.

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This Optimal Set is the absolute bestseller of our product line. It includes 3 different products: the Basics Supply, the energy booster "Energy Drink" and the mineral drink.

These products together form a perfect basic supply, which complement each other and synergistic effects are created. Therefore, in any case, it always makes sense to use this set daily. As a basis for the perfect supply of your cells and for a good, antioxidant protection.

  • The complete supply with many important micronutrients such as vitamins, minerals and trace elements
  • Improved fitness, energy, metabolism and concentration
  • Optimal regeneration and deacidification
  • Soluble and insoluble fiber, enzymes and lactic acid bacteria
  • Numerous plant compounds and polyphenols: high-quality extracts from vegetables, fruits and spices
  • Optimized absorption of ingredients due to patented formulations and "nutrient transport concept"
  • Highest quality according to GMP standard (quality standard for medical products) - more info on quality

For optimal and holistic results, please plan to use daily, regularly and for at least 3 months, even if you will experience results much sooner. Regeneration takes time, and as time passes, medium and long term results emerge alongside the short term, which you should not miss.

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The single products of the set

The set consists of the following individual products, which you can of course also purchase separately. In the set, however, you have an advantageous price, especially if you set up the flexible subscription.

FitLine Activize
Acti Drink

Our absolute bestseller for energy, performance and concentration: exclusive B vitamin energy drink.

Details about Energy-Drink
FitLine Restorate minerals

This mineral drink contains numerous minerals, trace elements and vitamin D.

Details about minerals drink
FitLine Basics

Basic supply with many plant substances, vitamins, enzymes, fibers and lactic acid bacteria.

Details about Basic
FitLine PowerCocktail

This cocktail is a blend of the energy drink and basics - with improved formulation and additional phytonutrients.

Details about PowerCocktail

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Why our Optimal Supply?

Nutrient deficiency is a fundamental problem in today's world. Our foods contain hardly any micronutrients such as vitamins and minerals, and in addition, most people eat too much or only convenience foods, fast foods, and nutrient-poor foods such as white flour (pasta, bread, pizza, etc.) and sweets. Already our kids are malnourished, and over the years more and more problems arise due to inadequate nutrition. Our daily lives are challenging and stressful to boot. Almost everyone suffers from some kind of problem: exhaustion, lack of energy, susceptibility to infections, sleep problems, slow metabolism and obesity, headaches, etc.

This set is a simple and holistic solution for every day, to give your body all the basic nutrients in sufficient quantities, and to support it with other important substances such as polyphenols, enzymes and lactic acid bacteria. And this in high bioavailability. This means that the nutrients and phytochemicals contained are optimally absorbed and utilized in your body. These products and the recipes and technologies are patented, and thus offer you a unique quality with noticeable results for your cell supply. Feel free to read more detailed information about the products and the product quality.

This set is worldwide our most used product package. It is very easy to use every day: you take a drink in the morning and in the evening, stirring it into a glass of water. The products taste good and bring noticeable results. This kit, by being holistic, encompasses so many different aspects of your body, and provide you with so many, all-encompassing nutrients and phytonutrients, that you can look forward to all the positive changes that will come to your quality of life.

We as the Fitmio team have been working fundamentally with this kit for years, and it is one of our absolute recommendations for every day.

Here's another quick rundown of what products are included in the set, and what they'll do for you. All the products are powders that you stir into a glass of water, making a great tasting drink.

The set and the products

The Optimal Set is available in the variant with 3 individual products, or with 2 products, in which two products are already mixed (basics and energy drink separately, or mixed as a "PowerCocktail") In addition, there are always the minerals:

Basic supply and cocktail

The Basic Supply is drunk directly in the morning before breakfast. It contains a variety of vitamins and phytochemicals from fruits, vegetables, herbs and spices, plus soluble and insoluble fiber. Live lactic acid bacteria and enzymes are included. You get a variety of highly available phytonutrients, in the mixed version in the PowerCocktail about 4000 different polyphenols.

Energy Drink for Energy and Concentration

If you have the Optimal Set with 3 individual products, you have this B-vitamin Energy Drink separately, in the 2-pack version these ingredients are included in the PowerCocktail. This drink contains vitamin C, an algae extract and guarana extract in addition to all the B vitamins. The drink is drunk either in the morning directly together with the basic supply, or/and also during the day when you want more energy and concentration. It boosts metabolism and energy supply, and increases your physical and mental performance. For many, it is the optimal solution to reduce coffee consumption, and feel fitter and more alert every day.


Our mineral drink is ideally drunk in the evening before sleep. It contains a variety of minerals and trace elements and vitamin D. Minerals are required in the body for much structures such as hair, bones, teeth and metabolism, and help to keep the acid-base balance in balance. Minerals promote recovery and regeneration overnight.

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