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About The Company
Independent distributor of PM International AG

The company PM International AG

I have been an independent distributor of PM International AG / FitLine Products with worldwide distribution since 2001, and would like to give you some information about the company here. The German company was founded in 1993 and is now one of the most successful direct selling companies in the world with the highest growth in the industry. In 2022, it ranked 8th among the world's largest direct selling companies and is represented by its own subsidiaries in over 40 countries.

There are many reasons for the company's massive success. The basis is the ingenious and globally popular "Made in Germany" product line with outstanding quality standards and unique results through unique and patented technologies - the result of intense research and development.

The company's international headquarters are located in Luxembourg, with regional headquarters in Europe, Asia and the Americas.

Distribution channel and special features

The products are brought to market exclusively through recommendations and not through the company's own advertising. i.e. the company's distribution channel is multi-level marketing, a sub-form of direct sales, also called network marketing or referral marketing. This form of distribution has long been considered the future of marketing by experts, and more and more companies are opting for it. The advantages are obvious: satisfied users are the best advertising, and so the natural need to recommend something good to other people is used as the basis of sales. The company thus also offers everyone the chance to become active as a so-called partner for the product line, and to build up an income through recommendations/sales. You can find out more here Become a Partner.

In addition to the ingenious products, the company has many other advantages to score, which reflect the seriousness and innovation. Thus the enterprise for fair direct sale was distinguished, and offers extremely good, lucrative and appreciative conditions and achievements to the partners. It works with a judicially examined commission plan, was voted umpteen times under the "Top 100" most innovative German enterprises, and engages itself besides socially as strong partners of the charity organization "World vision".

In addition, it is still, despite the size, a solid family business with an unusually high equity ratio, without dependencies on investors or even the stock market. This is also very rare to find, and ensures that the company can only make its own and quick decisions and the product line and its quality is not subordinated to other factors, as is not uncommon in other companies for economic reasons.

Products, research and development

The company has a scientific advisory board and an expert team of several hundred scientists who are responsible for the development of products, research, and permanent development. The scientific advisory board includes experienced experts from various disciplines who oversee different areas. Starting from the formulation up to the production. With their know-how, the company can ensure that the quality of its products always fulfills the highest requirements. The company thus launches regular innovations, new exclusive and sought-after products, and further developments of previous products.

The company cooperates with various international research institutes, such as the Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST) and the FH Upper Austria "University of applied sciences".

The core competence here is the patented Nutrient Transport Concept. This concept delivers nutrients when they are needed, where they are needed - to the cellular level from inside and outside.
The factors of the Nutrient Transport Concept are, for example, special formulas for synergistic effects, but also unique processing of individual substances. The formulas and technologies are patented and are not given to the public, so numerous copycat attempts have failed so far. The products are therefore unique in the world with unique results for the user. The products are not only used in normal everyday life, but are successfully used by numerous sports associations and several thousand professional athletes.

Company awards

We'll give you a few examples of the company's numerous awards here. This list makes no claim to be exhaustive, and new awards are being added all the time. :-)

  • For the 3rd year in a row, the Bravo International Growth Award went to the company in 2023. It honors the greatest growth of all direct selling companies worldwide
  • Since 2018, it has already received the German Brand Award for outstanding brand management 4 times
  • Award for "Top Network Marketing" company of the year in 2021
  • 2021 honored with the Le Fonti Award for innovations in beauty & healthcare
  • Also, a Sustainability Award for sustainable projects in direct sales, given for the first time in 2021, went to the company
  • Since 2002, the company has been voted one of the "TOP 100" most innovative German companies more than 20 times, making it the record holder
  • The company was named "Company of the Year" in 2013/2014 and 2018/2019 by the network marketing magazine Netcoo
  • "Top 100 ranking of medium-sized companies 2011" award of the major German daily newspaper "Die Welt"
  • Awards from leading European business newspapers and trade magazines, e.g. for innovative products, high seriousness and exemplary performance in direct sales
  • 2009 Nomination by the consulting firm Ernst & Young: the founder and board of directors was nominated Entrepreneur of the Year, for his outstanding entrepreneurial achievements
  • The company is also a member of WFDSA (World Federation of Direct Selling Associations). All members agree to adhere to certain standards of conduct in the interest of customers and team partners. PM International founder and board member Rolf Sorg was elected to the WFDSA CEO Council, where he helps shape the future of direct selling around the world

Opportunities and possibilities for you as a partner of PM International

If you are interested in the topics of nutritional supplements and quality of life, and you enjoy helping other people achieve their personal, physical and professional goals, the opportunity to become active as a distribution partner of the company may be just right for you. You can expect free and commission-based work, to the extent you wish. Your income comes from recommendations, and is therefore defined by yourself and your work.

You benefit from many great conditions, and can thus participate in the great success of the company:

  • Safety, popularity and uniqueness of the products as the basis for your work:
    Made in germany, numerous patents, independent test seals, production according to GMP standard, and the unique Nutrient Transport Concept
  • Great benefits for partners:
    Super commissions and additional benefits for partners
  • Family-owned company with worldwide distribution:
    For over 30 years: stable, ethical and independent - worldwide so far over 800 million products sold (2021). You can already operate worldwide in about 40 opened countries, with constantly progressing opening of other markets. Product shipping to over 100 countries worldwide.
  • Build your own, self-employed income:
    Share your enthusiasm about the products, work when, where and how much you want, thus starting a risk-free business

Contact us now if you also want to benefit from the great opportunities and advantages that you have as a distributor / referrer of this wonderful product line! Or simply, if you have further questions, which we will be happy to answer in detail.

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